In our effort to provide you  with the best possible services, we are continuously in the process of updating our site with new musicians and groups.

CONCERTO AGENCY Ltd is a management music company licensed by the Romanian Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs, specializing in the artist representation & management, shows, concerts, special events, orchestral touring and recording projects, on a worldwide basis.

We are also known for our expertise in the professional training and placement of musicians, in contract positions with cruise line companies, hotels and restaurants around the world.Our staff of agents is trained to skillfully track down exactly the type of candidates you seek and match them to the precise job. We take a pride in being able to work quickly and effectively for you, as we have recently done for the Carnival Cruise Lines and  Holland America Line.

Concerto Agency represents only experienced and professional musicians, groups, orchestras, who gave concerts in international halls, played on different cruise lines (Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Line, Costa Cruises, Orient Lines, etc.), hotels, restaurants, and have solid careers.They are simply talented artists who know very well how to bring joy in the life of your audience, and make them to come back again to listen to them.

Thank you for choosing us.
Cezar Vasilca
Music Department Manager
Concerto Agency Ltd.



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