The Radio Chamber Orchestra has its roots in the Studio Orchestra which, over four decades, focused on making recordings for Radio Broadcast but also performed concerts in public session.

Becoming the Radio Chamber Orchestra in 1990, it shaped as a precious artistic ensemble having a remarkable presence in our musical life.In this new formula, the repertory focused on a few specific lines, masterpieces of the genre and also some unknown pages of the universal literature.Besides these, the Romanian music is well-represented with important works or first hearings.

During its history which lies over a half of a century, its fame was increased by important Romanian conductors, such as: Mendi Rodan, Constantin Bobescu, Carol Litvin, Constantin Silvestri, Ludovic Bács, Cristian Brancusi – being permanent conductors but also masters belonging to the elite of the musical life –  Horia Andreescu, Enrique Garcia Asensio, Jean Pierre Berlingen, Francois Xavier Bilger, Amaury du Closel, Lawrence Foster, Ilarion Ionescu-Galati, Cristian Mandeal etc.

Over the years, the ensemble counted some remarkable names by the presence of Romanian soloists like: Cristina Anghelescu, Dana Borsan, Viorica Cortez, Ileana Cotrubas, George Crasnaru, Ruxandra Donose, Valentin Gheorghiu, Daniel Goiti, Dan Grigore, Nicolae Herlea, Dan Iordachescu, Silvia Marcovici, Eugenia Moldoveanu, Mariana Nicolesco, Aurelian Octav Popa, Ion Ivan Roncea, Eugen Sarbu, Georgeta Stoleriu, Eduard Tumagian, Mihaela Ursuleasa, Lory Wallfisch, etc.

We also have to mention the name of some important guests from abroad: Emanuel Abbül, Dmitri Alexeev, Claudi Arimany, Pierre - Yves Artaud, Daniel Blumenthal, Igor Bezrodnii, Grace Bumbry, Vladimir Bunin, Marc Coppey, Christopher Czaya-Sager, Hiroko Sakagami, Peter Soave, Rivka Golani, Natalia Gutman, Monique Haas, Barbara Hendricks, Elisabeth Leonskaja, Dominique Merlet, Katia Ricciarelli, Michael Roll, Sonia Wieder Atherton, etc., whose fame gave the sessions a well-deserved brilliance.

The tours abroad ( Russia, Ukraine, Austria, The Baltic Countries, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, South Korea), the recordings and TV shows, the participations to The International Festival “George Enescu”, drew audience’s esteem and that of the press by  the quality of the interpretations and the wide repertory, interesting in its stylistic structure and novelty, being in harmony with the masterpieces of Romanian and universal music.

"A great concert of the Chamber Orchestra of the Romanian Radio and Television"
(El Ideal Gallegos – Spain)

"The maestros of the Romanian Radio Orchestra gave an exquisite interpretation during the New Year concert which took place at the Rojos Theatre in Toledo"
(A.B.C.Madrid Spain)

"The climax of the concert was “Water Music” by Haendel, whose interpretation will long remain in the memory of the audiences of the entire festival in Vilnius"
(Tiesa – Vilnius)

"A particular, illustrative musical event took place in the concert hall of the Radio and Television in Bucharest; the opera “King Arthur” by H. Purcell was performed. All those absent missed what could be called the sensation of the season. The concert was exceptional through the quality not only of music but also of interpretation."
(Contemporanul - Bucharest)

"The Orchestra of the Radio and Television in Bucharest under the baton of Ludovic Bacs has proved to be an admirably trained group, mature enough to make tours, both as regards the whole ensemble and various groups of instruments taken separately"
(Clemens Hans Lander – Paderborn –Germany)

"The fact that L. Bacs is an excellent conductor is obviously proved by the exemplary discipline of the orchestra. What it offers through its musicians is polished, rhytmic and particulary accurate."
(Fuldazeitung – Germany)

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