The ensemble has carried on its activity since 1949, for four decades being conducted by the composer and conductor Sile Dinicu, folloed by Cornel Popescu, Ion Cristinoiu and more recently by Ionel Tudor.

During all this long artistic activity, the band achieved many recordings, shows, and session concerts destined to supplement, from the divertissment perspective, the presence of the radio in Romania intellectual life.It performed light music, promenade concerts, jazz, in Romania and all over the world.

We can count among its musicians many famous interpreters and inspired improvisators like: Dan Mandrila, Bebe Prisada, M. Ampoitan, P. Wertheimer, M. Stefanescu, Alin Constantiu, Dan Ionita, Cristian Soleanu, Cristian Teodorescu (saxophone), Nelu Marinescu, Petre Caplescu, Ion Paun, A. Iliescu, Emil Bazga (trumpet), Corneliu Meraru, Nicu Farcas (trombone), G. Koffler, Sile Dinicu, G. Natsis, Ionel Tudor, M. Tiberian (piano) Sandu Avramovici, Florin Ochescu (guitar) Dan Dimitriu, Gabi Popescu, C. Stangaciu, E. Tegu (bass), Doru Danciu, I. Cristinoiu, Marian Toroimac (drums)

Along with its radio recordings, Big Band realised a permanent collboration with the Romanian TV Broadcast for concerts and TV shows, being almost a permanent participant at Mamaia and Brasov Festivals.Its fame and success confirm the presence of some genuine artists in the representative bands.

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